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To learn about our Nutrition Program which happens Spring and Fall annually, CLICK HERE. Read the entries below for inspiration and nutrion information, recipes from our cleanse and more! 


Lessons learned

21 days of success (mostly)! Wow, it actually went by fast. I definitely want to continue cooking my own food as much as possible and going to the sauna (go figure!). Here are some of my lessons learned during the cleanse:

  • Making your own baked crackers isn’t so hard!
  • There are lots of times when I can cut-out unhealthy “splurges” in my day, and not even care.
  • Castor oil packs are a great excuse to relax and read a magazine. 
  • Massaging kale makes it taste less-bad. Macadamia nuts make me want to dance!
  • You don’t have to give up social activities on a cleanse…in fact, people love asking about what you are eating.
  • Do not, I repeat…do not, under any circumstances, come off the cleanse by eating holiday Chex Mix! Epic mistake.
  • Cooking from scratch definitely gets easier over time. I'm almost ready to start experimenting with my own recipes in the kitchen (scary thought)!
  • I'm actually looking forward to the next Root Rejuvenation :) Bring it on!
♥  Sira

Daily eats

Check out the delicious things I made this week...blueberry muffins, green smoothies, big ol’ salads, quinoa with basil, tomatoes and caramelized onions! And none of these took more than 30 minutes to cook (or bake). Root Rejuvenation is about cleansing your body, not your taste buds!

 ♥  Sira


Day 14

Boy oh boy, time is flying by! I already made it to day 14 of 21…2/3rd through the cleanse! I have noticed a definite reduction in sugar cravings (goodbye office candy dish FOREVER), more energy in yoga classes and I have been sleeping like a baby. On the negative side, I have had a few stomachaches from eating too much fat (good fats of course, but still a little too much for my body) in the form of olive oil in salad dressings and almond butter (I have had a jar each week of the cleanse!). I’m going to work on that in Week 3. Tomorrow is my first trip to the sauna. I have been dreading it…and I’m not even sure why! Like most things, I will probably love it once I actually try it. Also, in the past week and just as an FYI, I learned that when 3 of your coworkers have birthdays and you bring in homemade (cleanse-friendly) birthday snacks, you are loved. No baking required – check out the cinnamon sunflower truffles in the cookbook, ohhhhhh yeah baby!

 ♥  Sira

Cheating, who me?

If a glass of red wine is wrong, I don’t want to be right! So I cheated a little bit this weekend with a glass of red wine (ok, two). I went to Friendsgiving (Thanksgiving dinner with friends) and stayed away from all the usual fare, sticking to my buckwheat pilaf. I was doing great! Until the wine...  At first, I felt guilty about my two glasses, but then I started to realize all of the improvements I have made since starting the cleanse – making my own salad dressing and snacks, carefully checking menus for gluten free options and replacing coffee shop orders with green tea. Maybe cleansing is a lot more about celebrating the small successes (like skipping the pecan pie at Friendsgiving) and a lot less about being perfect. I decided to stop being hard on myself for my slip up (well, sip up in this case) and let it go - hey, I’m only human.  Instead, I made up for my bad by making homemade pumpkin soup and baked crackers today! 100% redeemed (and very satisfied)!

 ♥  Sira


Curb your hunger, not your enthusiasm

I am always hungry on a cleanse! The food is very nutrient-dense but light in calories so I’m constantly eating, eating, eating. Yup, I am definitely “that girl” at the office with 18 pieces of tuperware in the fridge, all of which are empty by 3 pm! I’m a total softie for snack foods so I always have something on hand to keep me energized throughout the day, especially when it's still a couple hours before the next meal. For the perfect snack food, you need a good mix of protein, fiber, fat and of course, pure awesomeness. Here are some snacks that make coping with a cleanse, a whole lot easier…

  • Carrots and other veggies with hummus
  • Rice cake topped with peanut butter, banana slices, cacao nibs (um hello chocolate!)
  • Cookies! Yes, really, cookies. Check out this raw sweet treat – vanilla drop cookies
  • Chia seeds or oatmeal soaked in chocolate coconut milk with a couple drops of mint extract and cacao nibs…Girl Scout cookie pudding!
  • Avocado spread like butter on GF toast with salt & pepper (look for bread in the freezer section)
  • Pineapple salsa (pineapple, tomatoes, onion, jalapeno, cilantro, lime juice, salt, chili pwdr, cumin) with shrimp wrapped in a corn tortilla
  • Olives and pickles, I don’t know why but these are awesome

♥  Sira