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Who is Root?

So what’s behind the name?

Simply put, we are inspired to help people cultivate personal growth, connection and healing through the lessons of yoga. Our goal was to create a space in Denver where you can truly explore your “roots”, so that’s just what we did. Through the powerful practice of yoga, we encourage you to feel into your physical, spiritual and emotional bodies, and thus become better rooted in who you are and enabling your life to sprout in a healthy and balanced way.

Our motto at Root Yoga Center is "Feeling is Living"

It is way too easy, especially in the American culture, to coast through life in a state of numbness – being “checked out” physically, emotionally, and/or spiritually.  “Feeling is Living” is about encouraging you to feel your body during yoga practice and instruction – to get in touch with the sensation and be curious about it. It also encompasses feeling your emotions. To simply witness whatever comes up (without judgment), and attempt to see how they can serve your healing process. And finally, to feel into and embody your true spirit – to live as your spirit dictates and connect with the greater power and energy of the Universe.  Once you are connected to yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually, you are then connected to everything else around you and truly feel alive! Feeling IS Living!!

Our Philosophy and Values

Balance is a Must – Balance is the core of the Root Yoga Center studio in Denver. Being balanced decreases stress, prevents disease, and keeps us happy and healthy. To facilitate balance we provide a full spectrum of yoga classes, AND encourage students to explore and be engaged in other forms of exercise to maintain a balanced lifestyle. Get back to nature!  Continue to walk, run, hike, bike, ski, snowboard, swim, or participate in any other form of exercise you may enjoy.   We also believe in balance through nutrition. A healthy diet varies for everyone, and at Root Yoga Center we inspire our students to discover what food choices support their needs and their bodies.  Our goal is to help you live a long, healthy and FUN life that is balanced in every way.

We Love Beginners  – Root Yoga Center caters to all levels of yogis but we have a special passion for folks who have never stepped foot onto a yoga mat, much less into a studio. Being a beginning yoga student can be scary and intimidating so we do our very best to make you feel at home in our community. Check out our Ground Level Classes - the ultimate yoga for beginners.

Healing Rules –At Root Yoga Center we work hard to re-educate students that healing is actually a lovely little byproduct of doing all types of yoga, and particularly Forrest Yoga classes. That if you are conscious of your body in your yoga practice, feel into your emotions and move through them, you ARE healing – physically, emotionally and spiritually. It doesn’t have to be cataclysmic…it’s as easy as stepping onto your mat!

Integrity is King - We believe in coming from the heart and being real. We want you to listen to and honor your body by doing yoga, exercising, playing, laughing, crying, socializing, your truth.

Innovation is in our Blood - We know that change is inevitable, and so we embrace change through creating a culture that is open to feedback, open to evolution and open to new ideas.

Chat with the Owner

God only knows what the healthcare system will look like in years to come, so it is high time we take personal responsibility for our health and well-being by using yoga as a cornerstone for a balance, healthy and long life. This philosophy views yoga as preventative medicine for your mental, emotional, psychological, spiritual and of course physical health. As you incorporate yoga (and exercise) into your daily routine, you become more aware, make better choices, and reap the benefits of feeling like a super star. Give the formula a chance and see just how good life can get!  - Dustin Shroyer