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I've practiced yoga on and off for about 10 years.  From Rodney Yee VHS tapes in my dorm room in college, to studio- hopping around town.  My first experience with Forrest yoga resonated not only in my body but also in my clinician's mind.  As a physical therapist, what attracts me to Forrest yoga is the precision of the alignment, the focus on building stability which starts in the depths of the joints and moves to the outward expression of the asana, and the space to pursue healing through a safe yoga practice.  It is wonderful not only for my own yoga, but also for my clients'.  I feel confident and trusting when referring my clients to Root.

Rachel Carter, PT, DPT, CFMT | Functional Physical Therapy, LLC

I had an amazing time at your beautiful studio. I took the up level forrest class from Cheryl Deer. She was fantastic! Did thoughtful and loving adjustments, and made me feel like i was a part of the studio from the moment i walked in. After class she and some other yogis helped me to find a juice was a group effort. I appreciate the kindness and attention that is abundant in your studio. You have created a magical place and i will back soon.

Thank you... Kate

Wow, I was blown away with this amazing studio. The space is incredible, second story studio with great big windows, the tallest citrine crystals I've ever seen and "loft style" brick wall. The teachers are very friendly and the selection of classes are great.


Root Yoga has excellent teachers, never-ending possibilities for exploration, fun and a great community of people.


I absolutely love Forrest Yoga!  I cannot believe how much my practice and body have changed it such a few short months.  The amount of strength you build is simply incredible…AND its super grounding at the same time.