WEEKEND CLASS CANCELLATIONS to accomodate for special workshops:

Friday 9/14

5:30 - 6:30pm Vinyasa

Saturday 9/15

8:30 - 9:30am Vinyasa

10:00am - 12:00pm Yoga Playground

12:30 - 1:30pm Community Class

Sunday 9/16

10:00am - 12:00pm Forrest Yoga


Root Yoga Center is incredibly grateful to have some of the very best yoga instructors and teachers in Denver. Each individual has a unique background and style that make their lessons and classes distinct. We also have some instructional videos from our Teachers of the Month. Here they are!

Alana Foeller

Training: B.A. Exercise Science & Adult Fitness, Minor in Nutrition - Metro State College of Denver, American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Personal Trainer, Vital Yoga Certified Yoga Instructor

Teaching movement through Yoga and Personal Training is a wonderful gift to be able to share.  Through teaching Yoga, it is my goal to encourage the growth of my students with a practice that is both challenging and playful, and which will strengthen the physical body and the mind and foster spiritual growth as we apply these principles to all things in life.  I believe a truly healthy physical body is a combination of strength, flexibility, and balance, and a calm mind facilitates these qualities.

I was initially drawn to Yoga for the physical benefits.  As I practiced more, I became aware of the impact it also had on my mental and spiritual well being.  I found myself more calm, joyful, and able to handle challenges.  I have practiced many styles of Yoga, including Power, Ashtanga, Forrest, Anusara, Bikram, and Vinyasa.  Having a diverse Yoga practice helps me to be a more versatile teacher and connect with students from different Yoga backgrounds.  I love the physical challenges of Yoga, but I find the most opportunity for growth in the practice of quieting the mind and staying connected to the breath.  Bringing meditation into my practice has helped me focus and connect with my deeper being.  This is where I see the greatest benefits of Yoga, and it is my passion to share this with my students.

In addition to my Yoga practice, I enjoy playing outdoors; snowboarding, mountain biking, rock climbing, and camping.  Good music, dancing, laughing with friends, having a wonderful family, and belonging to a supportive Yoga community makes me forever grateful for life! 

Amy Baker

Training: BA Exercise Science; University of Massachusetts at Amherst.  Ana Forrest 200 hour Foundation Teacher Training; Ana Forrest Advanced Teacher Training; Darren Rhodes and Christina Sell Anusara Immersion; so darn many I stopped counting workshops with Brock and Krista Cahill, Janet Stone, Rusty Wells, and Andre Ram. Co-Founder of Evolve Yoga Teacher Training 200 Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Program. Founder “Yoga in the Eagle Town Park” in Eagle CO; a donation based outdoor yoga class that contributes 100% of all donations to Canine Companions for Independence and Operation KurmAlliance.

I am an eternal student of yoga, and am inspired daily by the notion that self inquiry and education lead to personal evolution.  I believe that a strong, sweaty, challenging physical practice, with great tunes provides the opportunity for piercing introspection. I also believe that yoga is to be shared with all with no prerequisite. Each yoga practice is different and it is my goal to create space and modifications for all.

I teach from a place of personal experience and wisdom, but asks that my students discover their own truths. In classes I bring a contagious lighthearted humor and a wonderful charisma to keep things flowing. There is no pretense with me; no judgment... leave your expectations at the door and come laugh, play, and take the opportunity to look inward with each class and discover what makes you come alive so that you can go out into the world and do just that.

Angie Arnold

Training: Kula Yoga Project was my home for six years in NYC.  Schuyler Grant is my main squeeze, but I have trained with Alison West, David Regelin, Nevine Michaan, John Friend, Zhenja La Rosa, Elana Brower, Amy Ippoliti, and many more.

"Al Dente" (translated in English as to the teeth) is the term initially used to describe the firm and tender texture of pasta. Chefs use this term as instruction to avoid soggy or wet noodles, and to cook the pasta just to the point where it is slightly firm and yet tender to taste.

Over the years of practicing yoga, I have discerned that it is that "cooked just right feeling" that allows us to unfold, to open, and to live with a heightened awareness of our actions and it's direct effect to our family, friends, and micro-interactions.

The class I teach is the class I would want to take: Firm intentions, intelligent alignment, zested with a bit of creative juicy vinyasa to taste, and a side of pranayama please, of course pepper it with inversions and arm balances along the way. And make that for here, not to go, as I like to linger awhile in savasana.

-Breath is always first the postures always second. –

I strive to surrender any rigidness towards ONE way in my teaching, hoping the softer I get towards myself, the softer I will be with my loved ones. For more:

Carrie Varela

Training: 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training at 3 Om Yoga in Parker, Colorado, Foundation Course in Yoga Science for Wellness at the Morarji National Institute for Yoga in New Delhi, India, Ana Forrest Intensives, Reiki Master Healer and Teacher

To me, yoga is union and linking of oneself with a cosmic sense of Self.  I find yoga to be a powerful tool for personal transformation.  Be it healing, freedom, joy, self-expression or love...all of these fabulous energies I have found on the yoga mat and this is why I come back to my practice every day.  Philosophically, I am inspired by the teachings of my guru, Sri Aurobindo and by countless other bits of insight interwoven throughout my life. Teachers who I love are Ana Forrest, Shiva Rea, David Swenson, Cheryl Deer and countless others.

Teaching yoga is a source of challenge and wisdom which encourages me to look for ways to express my passion and dedication to yoga.  As a Reiki Master, I see the world through energy and I weave in energetic themes and yoga philosophy into all of my classes.  It is my intention to guide my students through their practice with hope they may discover a deep sense of inner peace which can flow into life as a result of yoga.

Cheryl Deer

Training: Basic, Advanced and Continuing Education Teacher Training Intensives with Ana Forrest; Forrest Yoga Guardian; Ashtanga Teacher Training with David Swenson; Studies in Iyengar, Power, Vinyasa, Anusara and Jivamukti yoga; 500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance.

Cheryl Deer, RYT 500, Forrest Yoga Guardian, has taught yoga since 1996.  Cheryl’s classes and workshops are joyful and motivating, designed to leave you awakened and inspired.  Expect to receive gentle yet powerful adjustments, connect to your core and engage in your practice in a way that brings greater presence, healing and transformation. 

Cheryl’s teaching is deeply rooted in the Forrest Yoga philosophy; an approach designed to address the stresses and challenges of our daily lives and support our journey toward physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

In addition to teaching classes, privates, workshops and teacher trainings in Denver, Cheryl also spends time each year assisting her teacher Ana Forrest, creatrix of Forrest Yoga. She draws on her knowledge from Ana and her many years of experience to teach how to bring Spirit into life.  

To visit Cheryl's personal website, go to 

Dustin Shroyer

Training: 200 hour Core Power Certified in Power, and extension in Yoga Sculpt, 33 hour Shiva Rhea Fluid Power Training, 200 hour Forrest Yoga Foundation Training

Balance plays a huge role in my life.  I love to eat healthy, but rarely skip out on delicious food.  I love to work, when work involves a lot of play!!  It all stems back to my childhood when I traveled back and forth from the West Coast to Texas.  There are no two places more opposite than Eugene, Oregon and La Grange, Texas.  Austin represented a perfect balance between southern hospitality and the liberal hippie culture of Eugene.  I spent 10 years there before realizing my childhood hub, where I spent so many layovers looking out the window at the snow, was the perfect balance for me.  Denver is located right in the middle, the fulcrum of my life, and it was my karma to move here and discover yoga.

Yoga is balance. It is the point at which we all come together, where we can have fun and work hard.  It is a safe place to feel free and natural in the middle of a city.  Yoga gives us a way to release stress and take in positive energy. When body parts work in opposition to each other to support your body, mind, and spirit we have balance. Yoga provides a place to release stress and teaches us techniques to help manage it. Yoga brings balance to my life, and keeps me healthy and smiling. 

Giulia Pecone

Training: 5+ years Bikram Yoga trained including advanced training for the 2007 Bishnu Gosh Cup Colorado Division, CorePower Yoga Boulder 200hr Power Yoga Training, Forrest Yoga Advanced Training, currently completing the 300hr Integrated Vinyasa Teacher Training w/Gina Caputo

Yoga is not just something I love to do, it's a way of life. I've been practicing since I was 15 and am always amazed at how much I can still learn about myself. I love to explore different yoga styles and enjoy challenging my students to try new things. You'll almost always find yourself in some sort of inversion pose in my class, because I believe that in order to shift your perspective, you have to look at it from upside down.

As someone who spent 6+ years studying human development in college and graduate school, I truly believe that there is no better form of therapy than yoga therapy.

Jennifer Scheinman

Training: 200 hour Power Yoga Teacher Training at CorePower Yoga, 200 Hour Root Integrative Vinyasa Teacher Training at Root Yoga Center

Since I can remember being active and in shape has been part of my life. I’ve tried just about every exercise and fitness routine out there. While being active has always been a part of my routine, it seemed to feel more like a daily chore than something that was an enjoyable part of my day. That is until I found yoga. The mental stamina it takes to hold a pose, the body awareness it takes to refine each pose, the graceful flow of a vinyasa... All of this grabbed a hold of me and had me wanting more. Suddenly exercise became fun! As my practice grew the benefits moved beyond the yoga mat. My increased flexibility keeps me safe in other activities. When running and biking my breath is more efficient. I have a greater awareness and acceptance of my body, knowing when to push harder and when I’ve reached my limit. I have better management of my stress levels.

I strive to bring all the elements I love about yoga into every class that I teach. Most importantly, have fun! My classes are playful and light hearted, while allowing for some self-discovery and reflection. Attention to safety and proper alignment is key every pose and sequence. 

At Root I teach level 1/2 Vinyasa.

Kat Saks

Training: 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher from Laughing Lotus Yoga Center in NYC; Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training from Prenatal Yoga Center in NYC

For decades, I thought I wasn’t good enough. Whether through drugs, a demanding job, or a negative body image, I found countless ways to mask my true self. When I unrolled my yoga mat, I finally took a step towards self-acceptance. Through yoga I discovered the beauty of authenticity and learned to live from a place of truth. I knew I had to share this experience with others.

I invite my students to uncover and express their most powerful and authentic self. In every class, I co-mingle a wild playlist with a creative Vinyasa flow to encourage an atmosphere of playful challenge and self-discovery. Whether you’re moving to the beat of Lady Gaga, or musing on the poetry of Rumi, you’ll never come to the same class twice. But, one thing is certain; my class is a celebration. You can always expect to leave the room uplifted by the reminder that you are awesome – exactly as you are.

I graduated from Laughing Lotus’s College of Yoga in NYC and am also certified in prenatal yoga by the The Prenatal Yoga Center in NYC. I count Dana Flynn and Amy Ippoliti as two of my most influential teachers.

Keri Bergeron

TrainingMaster of Science, Physical Therapy, Northeastern University; Bachelor of Science, Rehabilitation Science, Northeastern University; 200 hour YA certification after completing Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher Training

I was introduced to yoga 11 years ago upon first moving to Colorado. After growing up a competitive gymnast and studying Physical Therapy, I could immediately identify with the physical benefits of the practice; strength, flexibility, balance. Over the next few years, I developed a deep curiosity for all things yoga. This led me to my first yoga teacher training with Ana Forrest and I have since studied with Darren Rhodes, Christina Sell, Janet Stone, Andrei Ram,Brock and Krista Cahill, and Annie Carpenter. Aside from these yoga superstars, I appreciates and draw from many styles of yoga.  I continue to be inspired daily by the great teachers I encounter in the studio and outside who are constantly living their yoga. 

I believe in a playful, non-dogmatic approach. I believe in a strong physical practice as an invitation to pierce inward. I believe that there are no prerequisites to practice yoga. I believe that curiosity is the first step to creating change.

In my classes you can expect to be challenged, to be educated on the physical aspects of the practice, and to feel safe. I ask only that you bring an open mind and a willingness to explore..

Lauren Turnage

Training: 200 hour Forrest Yoga Foundation Training, Forrest Yoga Mentorship Program, Forrest Yoga Advanced Teacher Training 2011 

Growing up I was encouraged to find what gives me life.  Yoga gives me life.  It gives me community, breath, asana and meditation, and fills my life with joy, laughter, love and many other things. But most important to my life is my spirit, and yoga connects me to my spirit. When I am embodying my spirit, I am full of life. My union is yoga, life and spirit. My devotion as a teacher is to use the gifts yoga brings me to help my students find what gives them life.  I have been inspired by many teachers along my yogic journey. My inspiration comes to me from my core teachers and my students. Ana Forrest gave me the tools I need to live my dharma and help others find their own. Regina Zwilling gave me my determination and presence to be there for others. Cheryl Deer daily gives me my inversions and encourages my ability to love. My students motivate me to grow as a teacher and also as a student.  I teach Forrest yoga, because I love the abs.

Mark Perna

Training: Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher Training, July 2012, Forrest Yoga Advanced Teacher Training, April 2013

"Healing is something done by us; not something done to us." I truly believe in the healing power of Forrest Yoga. As a Marine Corps combat veteran, I struggled with the physical and emotional wounds of war. I've found Forrest Yoga to be such a profound tool for healing that I feel it is my responsibility to not only bring these tools to other veterans through my nonprofit organization, but to share them with the community at large. Yoga, to me, is not about having a certain philosophy or living a certain way—it is about knowing yourself and walking in your own strength. 

I challenge my students to be compassionate in a new way. When you're in class and standing in warrior two for what seems like forever: know that there's a purpose. It's a chance to battle that inner critic, the voice that says "this is too hard," or "I need to stop." It's an opportunity to work in a new way, to stay out of that mode of existence that doesn't serve you to follow your dreams, to step out of your comfort zone. How will you know what your edge is, if you've never been there?

At Root Yoga Center, I teach Forrest Yoga, sequencing the poses I find most powerful for healing.

To learn more about Mark and his yoga programs, visit his website:

Michelle Lee Weldon, LPC RYT

Training: I received my 200 hour certification in Vinyasa yoga, and have delved into a deepening study with Bhava Vinyasa, a healing centered flow and restore yoga.  My teaching and practice are influenced by both Prana Flow and Anusara yoga.  Yogis whose workshops I try not to miss include Shannon Paige, Chris Muchow, Douglas Brooks, Lorin Roche, Ana Forrest and so many more!  My cup is literally overflowing with teachings I'd love to immerse myself in… 

I teach because it is what I love to do MOST in the world.  Vinyasa yoga is the culmination of everything I love and never knew I could put together in one cohesive practice.  In my teaching, I weave the magic of movement and dance into yoga asana transitions and blend music, psychology, poetics and a little sanskrit into the landscape of your experience.  I pretty much geek out on this stuff!

In my classes at Root Yoga, you can expect an integrated flow, with light hearted thoughts and a good deal of adjustments to encourage the deepening of your own practice.  Outside of the studio, I am a Psychotherapist.  In the studio, I bring some of my knowledge of neuropsychology and somatic psychology to help you move through the walls your brain sometimes puts up during practice. 

But mostly, I love to move and I love to laugh…  And you will experience both if you come practice with me!

Nicole Maurrae Landrus

Training: 200 hour Forrest Yoga Foundation Training

Breathe...if you acknowledge your breath, feed it magic, and wash it through your body you can make it through anything. Yoga came into my life when my spirit and body needed it most. Yoga saved me. Finding my mat brought me hope, pure happiness, strength and acceptance. Yoga has grounded me and helped me find balance in life and teach me how to handle real life with a positive and bright attitude. It has helped me connect to my spirit, my authentic self. Stepping on to my mat now brings me positive challenges, inspiration and a desire to shine.

I feel fortunate to have such amazing teachers and loving community around me, to support me, while I breathe through my transformation and begin to step into my wiser self. Laruen Turnage and Kate Mulheron have been my biggest inspiration. Their sparkle, love for yoga and spirit brighten my life and challenge me to be a better person everyday. I feel blessed to have such wonderful women in my life and honored to be a family member at Root Yoga Center, where I teach ground level Forrest classes...come join me! 

Robyn Dino

Training: 200 hour CorePower Yoga power yoga teacher training

Yoga is the place I come primarily to center through breath, to reconnect. My classes always start from a place of noticing your breath and reconnecting from a very basic level. I teach respectfulness and compassion for yourself and others through your yoga practice. With each inhale and exhale you are able to be in the moment, quiet your mind and feel your own rhythm and vibration of energy. I want to create a welcoming environment in which to offer a retreat from your everyday demands and responsibilities. A place to grow, accept and allow your heart to open in a safe and supportive place.


Roger Martin Pressman

Roger Martin-Pressman is an Anusara-Inspired yoga teacher who has been studying yoga for 10 years.  Roger has dedicated the last three years to studying and teaching Anusara yoga.  As a student of Anusara he has learned to incorporate the Universal Principles of Alignment into his classes in a heart-felt and humorous way. 

Roger is committed to expanding his students’ knowledge of their own potential and empowering them with awareness of their bodies and hearts.  By combining his knowledge of anatomy and physiology with life experience and philosophy, Roger’s classes offer something valuable to practitioners of all levels.

ROOT Yoga center is such a beautiful place to practice, teach and expand the limits of what is possible.  I teach Mighty Root, a class that blends fitness and yoga; join me and the wonderful community at Root.

Sarah Corcoran

Training: 200 hour Forrest Yoga Foundation Training

Yoga is an opportunity to open into one’s life through body movement, breath and increased awareness.  My first teacher, Susan Skellenger, told me more than 15 years ago, to ‘notice how you feel.’ Years later, I discovered the Forrest practice and felt like I had come home. Forrest yoga is designed to connect us to our own bodies, strengthen our support structure and clear out the ‘toxic gunk’ of stress. Lauren Turnage has guided me in using the heat of abs in the practice to melt away the layers of stress and strain, to allow healing.  As a life-long athlete, student, teacher and seeker, I emphasize proper alignment and engagement of your neglected and forgotten parts, as well as activation and development of your natural strengths.  Cheryl Deer has lit a path of deepening commitment for my practice and for my desire to teach. ‘It is your birthright’, she says, to explore your life and draw closer to your true self.  Alternately, our culture often involves repetitive movements, stress paired with shallow breathing and, perhaps, a dulling of our senses. At Root, I have found an accepting community of people searching for new ways to move, to release the stress, to deepen the breath and to explore this life. I encourage you to seek out an inspiring experience here. Light and Love!

Sarah Teddy

Training: Sarah completed both her 200 hour and 50 hour teacher trainings through the It’s Yoga system under Larry Schultz and David Kyle.

Being moved by the strength, power and focus within Ashtanga yoga, her classes incorporate an upbeat, fun and energetic Ashatanga based flow. Teaching from the Rocket routines Sarah’s classes are designed to take the ancient eastern tradition of Ashtanga yoga and make it accessible to the western thinker. The rocket routine is a reconfiguration of the first and second series of Ashtanga yoga, intended to work with the nervous system and increase energy as well as vitality.

Sarah strives to lead a class in which individuals of all levels and yoga backgrounds feel comfortable and able to develop their own personal practice. Aiding students in pushing themselves to the edge, but no further. Her mission is to spread the art and science of yoga to the masses, assisting others in finding a moving, breathing, meditation on and off the mat.

With Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Human Development, Sarah places great value on the mind and body connection. Sarah strives to assist students in finding mental and physical health through the practice of yoga, believing that true health is a balanced recipe of the two.  For more information on Sarah check out her website

Sarah Tinkler

Training: Corepower Hot Yoga & Hot Power Fusion Teacher Training Program, 200 Hr Certification

I am happily addicted to the array of sensations- strength, balance, invigoration, and tranquility- that practicing yoga lets me find within myself.  Yoga lets me make peace with myself and quiet the inner naysayer.  It lets me feel alive.  A principle I love and teach from is from the documentary Yoga Unveiled: "Yoga does not bring peace and relaxation to a person like a Valium.  It quiets down.  Yoga teaches a person to calm the body & mind so we can see our natures are calm and relaxed."  I don't believe we are designed to be chaotic and stressed out; we are designed to feel joy and love.  Teaching yoga fulfills me on levels I never thought possible before beginning this journey.  I can't help but teach with a smile on my face.  I love guiding and sharing the gift of yoga with others, teaching from a place in my heart of non-judgement and compassion, encouraging us to not be our own worst critics but to be gentle on ourselves.  Indeed I am a student first, loving all that the students in my class teach me about yoga and about myself.  My style is a loving, eclectic fusion of typical Hatha yoga postures, hot-style postures, and Iyengar-influenced postures.  At Root, I teach Vinyasa Flow.

Shelley Coughlin

Training: E-RYT 200 Hour - I originally trained with my local studio in Palo Alto, CA under a senior Iyengar and Hatha yoga teacher.  They gave me the foundations for my teaching and with whom I received my original 200-hour certification.  I have also completed a second 200-hour teacher training with Dharma Mittra.  However, the real inspiration for my sequencing and flow is heavily influenced by Shiva Rea and Shannon Paige Schneider.  It is through their influence I was inspired to be a more intentional and mindful flow teacher.

Yoga is my path and my love; a practical and real journey into connection, spirituality and evolution. I believe yoga has the ability create great shifts whether physical, emotional, or spiritual; it meets you where you are at. As a result of my practice, I am able to be more present, mindful, empowered, healthy, and real.  The biggest lesson yoga has taught me is to be more authentic, even if authenticity requires change and conflict. My favorite teachers or practices are those that challenge me both physically and mentally.  I love when I walk out of a class having gained something - - knowledge about my body, an insight into myself, an increased mindful presence. 

Each class that I teach is designed based upon the concept of intelligent, evolutionary sequencing towards a embodied peak experience.  My classes focus on the integration of movement, mindfulness, strength, and alignment.  I like variety in my life and I bring variety into my teaching based upon the needs and experience of the students who walk into my classroom.  I love music and its accompaniment to the classes I teach is integral. I believe strongly in creating a sense of relationship and community with my student base.

I teach Vinyasa Flow at Root.

Una Viggiani 

Training: 200 Hours from Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica, Anusara Immersion and 8 Drops Tantra Training

Yoga is a way of life for me. It is a practice that allows me to meet myself NEW everyday that I step on my mat. By being fully present, and grounded in my body, yoga allows me to live a full, focused and joyful life. As a yoga teacher, I inspire students to feel that same connection with themselves. I teach at a gentle, conscious pace that allows beginners to feel comfortable, while offering challenging sequences and poses. I love teaching and practicing a Slow Flow that keeps things moving but also gives time to feel each pose.

I teach Vinyasa classes at Root, Mondays 7pm All Levels & Fridays 4 pm Beginners 




Root Yoga Center

Root Yoga Center offers the Denver community a variety of yoga classes, instruction & yoga workshops for beginner to advanced yogis. Our goal is to help people cultivate awareness and connection through yoga, and a balanced lifestyle – thus our moto is “Feeling is Living!”. Please join us at the yoga studio for one of our healthy lifestyle events, like our fall and spring nutrition programsforrest yoga events, art events, outdoor classes and more!  We now offer yoga teacher training. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. Namaste!