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Feeding My Soul Exactly What it Wants

It's been almost one year since I experienced my first training with Ana Forrest. Almost one year since I took the plunge and decided to turn my practice into fierce medicine...

I've been looking through my notes reviewing our daily lessons about feeding the soul, elimitating the toxic wastes both physically and emotionally, and learning to live our practice. I can remember taking personal notes saying, "I need to do this. Why can't I be strong enough to make this decision? IS this really what my soul wants?"

It's terrifying having to make change. And as Ana says, you feel really silly talking to yourself asking your soul what it needs. But, since I started talking to myself and listening to my soul, I've started to live again. I'm healing! I'm breathing! Sometimes I have to remind myself to do it, but it's become less and less often that I forget.

Ana will be in town this weekend (March 28-30) and I am really excited to enter this space with so many people who have encouraged me to honor my soul. One year ago I was bawling my eyes out drowning in tissues and smart water just trying to grasp the medicine this practice offers. Now, I'm going to experience the yoga with a soul that is well fed and nourished.


Author: Giulia Pecone

Giulia is a 11 year practitioner who believes that yoga is what keeps her alive. Since the age of 15, she began practicing hot yoga with her mom and has been hooked ever since. In 2010, she completed her first 200hr teacher training and has since taught to numerous communities while continuing to further her education in yoga. She considers her yoga practice a sacred healing practice due to the many transformational gains it's brought to her life.


Yoga for Your Peace of Mind

If I was to prescribe one medication for all physical and emotional ailments, it would be yoga. Of course, I'm not a doctor, so what do I know about prescriptions? What I do know is what I've experienced, and for over a decade yoga has been my drug of choice helping me through almost all my physical, emotional, and spiritual traumas.

I've been on this kick lately bringing in the theme of embracing change. Since I was a little girl, I've never been good with change. I like routine and order and I fear the things I do not know. Routines are great, but let's be honest, they aren't fulfilling every day of your life. What's fulfilling is taking a step out of your comfort zone and exploring the unknown.

Emotions are the hardest things to understand in the process of change. Let's say you break up with a loved one or you leave a job that's paid the bills for the last few years. These weird floods turn on in your face, your stomache feels like it's eating itself, and your brain won't shut up. It's terrifying not knowing who you are without a certain someone or something, but sometimes when you take a moment to look at things, it's just as terrifying being stuck in once place.

How do we embrace change? How do we move through our emotions, let go of our pain and suffering, and start to live freely again? Well, here's my recommended medication... yoga. How much should you take? I would recommend about one dose (or one hour) a day. And ready? Here's the best part. You can't overdose on yoga.

I can't tell you how many times I've cried on my mat, how many times I've gone into a backbend and burst into tears. Yoga exposes your most vulnerable places, it sucks the trauma out and creates space for new experiences to form. As someone who doesn't like the unknown, I'm also pretty afraid of letting go of things that I find comfort in. And funny enough, I'm beginning to learn that for years, I've allowed my pain to be my comfort. It's easy to stay in one place knowing what's to come. It's not easy to take control and let go of something that cloaks you.

My mantra these last few weeks has been Inhale - Compassion, Exhale - Fear. If I have compassion for myself and honor the things I need, I won't live in a place of fear any more. I'll start to love myself again and I'll heal the trauma I've caused. But healing is something I can't do alone, that's why I have yoga. It brings me community, shared experience, and love that no other drug can provide.


Author: Giulia Pecone

Giulia is a 11 year practitioner who believes that yoga is what keeps her alive. Since the age of 15, she began practicing hot yoga with her mom and has been hooked ever since. In 2010, she completed her first 200hr teacher training and has since taught to numerous communities while continuing to further her education in yoga. She considers her yoga practice a sacred healing practice due to the many transformational gains it's brought to her life.


Do Your Hips Lie?

The illustrious back bend.  We either jump with joy or cringe when the teacher announces backbends are class plan. For those of us who are blessed with flexibility they can be relatively easy, enjoyable even. For those of us who are not as blessed in that regard, they can be painful, fearful, even emotional.

We’ve all seen photos like these:

And we think to ourselves, "Where is their spine? I would break my back if I tried that."  Most of us will never be able to backbend like that, so for the rest of us there are many tools that can be helpful in making backbends, such as wheel, more accessible and pain free.

Lets start with the mechanics of back bends.  Turns out backbends do not happen only in our backs. Its a common misconception that in order to backbend more deeply you need to bend your back more. However, that is only one small piece of the puzzle. Safe back bending occurs when: the shoulders are mobile enough overhead, the upper back (the thoracic spine) contributes to the back bend, the hips are mobile enough to allow for back bending without direct compression in the low back (lumbar spine), when the core is strong and engaged, and when we have a firm grounding in our hands and feet.

Back bends challenge the position we find ourselves in the majority of our days: hunching over the sink washing dishes, sitting at our desks typing furiously, sitting in the car, preparing food, and soon.  All of these things contribute to tightness in our chest and shoulders, shortening of the hip flexors and rounding of the back.  Countering all of these things, all of the time we spend rounded, is physically and internally challenging.

Join us in putting the puzzle pieces together for your backbends.  

Amy & Keri


All you have is your breath…

In high school I had the opportunity to take a class in Law.  It was an incredible experience that included visiting Canyon City and spending the day with people in prison.  From that moment on, I have always been fascinated with the prison system.  I worked in the juvenile hall system in college in an effort to better understand the system.

I was incredibly excited when I heard about the Prison Yoga Project training in Denver in 2012.  James Fox, the founder of the Prison Yoga Project, remains one of the most authentic yoga teachers I have ever met.  He was so present and able to use his passion for yoga to change the lives of those in prison.

This year, I have had the experience of teaching women at Denver Women’s Correctional Facility.  The first day of class, my prison yoga mentor Martha talked about how we really only have our breath.  It was amazing to watch the women hear that and begin to breath deeper.

Unlike yogis in a regular studio, these women do not get to choose when they come to yoga or what they wear to class.  They come in the same clothes they wear to work, wear to sleep, and it is the same thing everyone else wears.

But they, like us at Root Yoga Center, come to yoga for a change.  They come to create a connection between their breath and their body, to relieve pain, and to begin to understand the power of mindfulness.  Like teaching at a studio, I am merely there to facilitate a connection between breath and body.  The only thing that is different is that the only thing these women have is their breath.

For more information on James Fox or the Prison Yoga Project go to:


Author: Nancy Tomb

Nancy Tomb is a yoga teacher at Root Yoga and in the Denver community. Her personal yoga practice has changed her life and she is excited to share it with you.  She has been teaching at Denver Women’s Correctional Facility for almost a year. Come see Nancy at Root on Mondays at 6:30am.  


Root Your Intentions for the New Year

I stopped making resolutions years ago. Resolutions are all about the things that you want to stop doing. The law of attraction tells us that “energy flows where our attention goes.” If we spend all our energy thinking about what it is we don’t want, then we end up creating more of that, rather than less. Who wants to focus on something they don’t want, anyway? I don’t and when I realized this, I stopped making resolutions.

Wouldn’t you rather focus your attention on the things that you do want, that bring you joy and make you feel happier?

Instead of resolutions, I started creating intentions. Creating intentions is a simple process that anyone can do about almost anything in life. Make an intention to have a great day every morning when you wake up; create an intention to travel safely every time you get in your car; set an intention to absorb the most nutrients out of your food before you eat. These are simple and easy ways to start creating intentions for your life today.

But, what happens when you have a strong desire to create something new or big in your life? The process of setting and holding an intention for a long time becomes more challenging. Perhaps you want to change your job, travel to Fiji or get married. Any big life goals can be achieved through the power of intention setting and visualization. One of my favorite ways to hold an intention for a long time is to create it visually. Vision Boards are the perfect tool for this type of intention setting. By making a vision board and visually representing your dreams and desires in one spot, you can manifest your intentions into reality. The more you look at your vision board, the more your brain remembers your vision. So place your vision board somewhere that you can see it everyday.

On January 12th, I invite you to join me at Root for an experience designed to Root Your Intentions and keep you working towards your goals throughout 2014.  Spark your creativity and the New Year as you bring your 2014 goals to life!

• Practice yoga and a create a vision boards to manifest your New Year’s Intentions

• Tap into your creativity to keep your goals rooted and alive throughout the year

All supplies included, but feel free to bring any special imagery if you have it.




Author: Una Viggiani

Yoga is a way of life for me. It is a practice that allows me to meet myself NEW everyday that I step on my mat. By being fully present, and grounded in my body, yoga allows me to live a full, focused and joyful life. As a yoga teacher, I inspire students to feel that same connection with themselves. I teach at a gentle, conscious pace that allows beginners to feel comfortable, while offering challenging sequences and poses. I love teaching and practicing a Slow Flow that keeps things moving but also gives time to feel each pose.